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I have made 3 setups, and then set it up against each other.

All setups have 100% same forehand and same backhand the only thing there is change, is the blade.
The three blade is:
Dr Neubauer - Matador off-
Der Materialspezialist - The Wall def-
Sauer & Tröger - Unicorn all-

Stiga DNA Pro S, 1.9mm, red, Glued with Andro Free glue.

Sauer & Tröger Hellfire X, ox, black, glued with adhesive foil fom Der Materialspezialist.

My playstyle is a combi of def and off, where a lot of my game is disruptive. I try to damage my opponents game, and frustrated her game.
I love spinreversal more than anything else, and i love the control when i have to take service.
Then i also love the control in the game, when i can control my opponent, and i can build the game when i like it.
And of course... i love to go back, and then chop again, and again, and again with a lot of control, and effect.

I have played a lot with a guy who have about 2000 rating in Denmark, and is a good clean looper in both forehand and backhand.
Then i also have played a bit against a Newgy Robopong 2050, when i can see the spinreversal, when i return a heavy spinny ball, and then see it bounch back again.

Dr Neubabuer - Matador.
This blade give SO much spinreversal, SO much.
It is also very fast, and very hard, and then the control isnt there.
I think this blade is excellent when you have to only play on spinreversal, and then just laying the ball back.
The forehand here is nice, and have the "modern" speed. So there is nothing to say her... it works.
Speed: 90
Control: 70
Spinreversal: 100

Der Materialspezialst - The Wall.
This is a slow blade, and it is very soft, and take the speed off the ball on every stroke.
The spinreversal is good on this blade, but not at all so good at the Matador. -When the matador has 100% Spinreversal, this The Wall has about 60%.
On the chop away from the table, and on the active block close to the table, the spinreversal go higher and we are now talking about 70%.
The control is so high on this blade... soooo high. It is surely because of the low speed. You can chop with so much control, and place the ball exactly where you want.
On blocks close to the table the control is also very high, and you can control and feel the ball very well, and even the hard spinny loops, you can block short and low to the net.
Forehand on this blade is also slow, and high control. It takes me a long time to make a good loop with this forehand, because of the ultra low speed.
Speed: 40
Control: 100
Spinreversal: 70

Sauer & Tröger - Unicorn
Then we have the unicorn. And a very strange blade. I have not seen this treefibre used on a allround blade before.
The blade is a bit hard, and have a high sound when i bounch the ball on the blade without rubbers.
But in the game, this blade change character. It is like a soft allround blade, with massive control.
The spinreversal is very close to the Matador, but with slower speed and more control.
The passive blocks are easy to do, and the active blocks make so much spinreversal.
On the chops away from the table, it has the same control as The Wall. Very easy to chop with, and massive spinreversal.
Forehand on this blade is also like the Matador... the "modern" forehand speed is here, and it is easy to loop with, and make a lot of spin.
One thing this blade is better at, than the two others, is attack... it is much, much easier to attack on underspin, and highballs. So crispy and good speed and control.
I think this is the best blade for Long OX pips i ever tried... and i promise, i have really tried a lot. I think the hard surface on this Unicorn gives so much to the pips.
Speed: 70 - it feels like it has more speed in the forehand, than the backhand. Think the blade absorb the speed on OX rubbers? Then i will say Forehand 85, Backhand 60.
Control: 95
Spinreversal: 98

I hope this gives a lot of information about these blades.
The time i have trained is about 3x3hours with some intensive times, and then with some fun times, where i have tried some things.
I think this blade will be a legend, exactly like the Nittaku Shake Defence.
4 of my training buddies have now bought this blade, and waiting on it will arrive.

Best regards.
Morten Nissen

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